Minor Awards 2016

Bengeo CC Minor Awards 2016

Bengeo CC Minor Awards 2016

Best use of the knee

Justin Smith

“Walking is overrated”

Most Injured

Neil “Steve” O’Toole

Spent a total of 49 weeks injured during the last 12 months

Best Ball of the Year

Neil “Steve” O’Toole

13th ball of his 1st over – simply unplayable!

Worst Ball of the Year

Neil “Steve” O’Toole

1st, 2nd and 17th balls of his 1st over – simply unbearable!

Pokémon hunter of the year

Jointly awarded to Andy Thrussell & Charlie Lee


Tightest trousers

Harry Graves

Even with new kit, still managed to underestimate his own size

Tightest shirt

Karl Baker

Didn’t even know they did Action Man cricket outfit but apparently they do!

Grey’est Kit

Andy Thrussell

Watching Andy is like watching cricket in 1962 on a B&W portable TV.

Most reward points at Tyler’s Sportswear

Harry Graves

Racked up a total spend this year of £47,750

Nightmare Performance of the Year

Dominic Bannon

Bowling and Fielding Performance against Farnham Harlequins CC was simply ridiculous!

Worst “I’m Not Walking” of the Year

Jack Timms

22nd May vs Allenbury's & County Hall CC.

All 9 fielders, wicketkeeper, bowler, non-strike batsmen, square leg umpire and a I guy walking his dog round the outfield, all heard and saw this one. Umpire Micky Walker and batsman JT were both unmoved!

Tantrum of the Year

(Awarded in 3 categories)


Umpire barracking:

Captain abuse:

Most swearing at his father:




Liam Smith

Liam Smith

Liam Smith

Worst Throw of the Year

Harry Graves

Managed to hit square leg when firing one in from Cow Corner

Beard of the Year


Andy Thrussell’s chin decoration


Worst Beard

Andy Thrussell


Longest Innings for Least Runs

Mark Guy

Batted 45 overs for 1 run (or seemed like it!)

Helmet Throw of the Year

RJ Gray


Most Absent Captain of the Year

RJ Gray

Couldn’t remember his name but looked it up on the website

Most dives when batting

Phil Underdown


Longest distance covered in one game

Justin “Long off to Long off” Smith

GPS tracking showed he covered 122km

Worst Running between the wickets

Ian “One Run” Ruskin

It is either a four, a six or a slow single!

Umpire of the Year

Derek Karl Baker


Square Leg Umpire of the Year

Derek Harry Graves


Best Retirement Speech of the Year

Harry Graves’ Bat

A bat so heavy that Thor could not lift it, has now decided to call it a day (or until Harry becomes World Strongest Man)

2nd Best Retirement Speech of the Year

Micky Walker

Not a dry eye in the dressing room

Non Playing Supporter of the Year

Sharon Machell RJ Gray


Worst Excuse for Not Playing

Jointly awarded to

Alex Mearns – Wedding

Alex Mearns – Babysitting someone else’s kid

Alex Mearns – Friends staying for the weekend

Alex Mearns – Another Wedding

Alex Mearns – His missus said he wasn’t allowed

Most uses of a single term, phrase or name in one day

Brian Ruskin

Was observed saying “John Luck” 367 times during a 2 hour post-match evening drink

Sunday Captain of the Year

Jack Smith

Saturday Captain of the Year

Not Awarded this Year

Champagne Moment

Mark Guy

Smashing a six over deep mid-wicket, first ball, batting 11